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Campus Ambassador Program

About Us

Wissenaire is the Annual Techno-Management Fest of Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar.

Being one of the most awaited fests in Eastern India, it is a Technical extravaganza encompassing a multitude of events in the Scientific, Technical and Managerial domains with a well- rounded collection of Competitions, Workshops, Exhibitions, Star Nites, Quizzes, Colloquia and Lectures to inspire the youth to embark on a journey of technical excellence, creativity and innovation.

Why become a CA

Great opportunity for students looking to improve their managerial and communication skill sets.

Enhance your leadership skills by becoming the face of your college.

Campus Ambassador is the best way to build public relations with well-known Engineering colleges.

Boost your competitive spirit by engaging with other young minds.

Build a good association with IIT BBS students.

What should a CA do?

Sharing the Facebook posts on your timelines and your college facebook and mail groups.

Publicizing events and workshops of WISSENAIRE in your respective colleges.

To strive to bring maximum participation from your respective colleges.

Being the representative of the college act as a medium for effective communication between the Wissenaire team and your college.

What benefits does a CA get?

As a Campus Ambassador of Wissenaire’20, you will get a great opportunity to work with the team of Wissenaire’20, and will also get to witness your work yielding amazing results.

You can put it on your CV.

Benefits for different tiers of CA’s:

  • Diamond CA's

    • 1st Diamond CA

      • Boat Rockerz 640 wireless On-Ear Headphone worth 3200/-
    • 2nd Diamond CA

      • Fastrack Analog watch worth 2500/-
    • 3rd Diamond CA

      • Boat Rockerz 255f Wireless In-Ear Headphone worth 2000/-

    In addition to all of these, all diamond CA's will get

    • Wissenaire T-shirt

    • Free Registration for 1 event and 1 workshop

    • Free Hospitality (excluding food)

    • 2 VIP passes for concert

    • Momento from Wissenaire

    • Photos of CA displayed in website and on social media

    • Diamond Certificate from Wissenaire

  • Platinum CA's
    • Wissenaire T-shirt

    • Platinum certificate from Wissenaire

    • 1 VIP pass for concert

    • Free Registration for 1 event

    • Name will be mentioned in Wissenaire Official website and Facebook page

  • Gold CA's
    • Wissenaire T-shirt

    • Gold CA member certificate from Wissenaire

    • Name will be mentioned in Wissenaire Official website and Facebook page

  • Silver CA's
    • Wissenaire T-shirt

    • Silver certificate from Wissenaire

  • Note : Any stuff in any tier will be awarded only if you help 3 or more participants to register.

Points will be alloted according to following rules

Share facebook post10 points per share
Participant registered using CA referral ID30 points
CA registered using CA referral ID15 points
Share an idea50 points
Share a contact50 points

CA's will be classified according to point gained:

  • Rank 1-3 : Diamond CA
  • Rank 4-10 : Platinum CA
  • Rank 11-40 : Gold CA
  • rank 41-100 : Silver CA

Who can become a CA?

Students having an unlimited source of enthusiasm and creativity, and the will to be the difference maker can become a CA. Students enrolled in any college and in any year can apply. So, what are you waiting for, let's get started.

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