About Us

WISSENAIRE is the Annual Techno-Management Fest of Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar. Wissenaire is a Technical extravaganza encompassing a multitude of events in the Scientific, Technical and Managerial domains with a well-rounded collection of Competitions, Workshops, Exhibitions, Star Nites, Quizzes, Colloquia, Lectures to inspire Youth to embark on a journey of technical excellence, creativity and innovation. It is indeed one of the most awaited Fests in Eastern India.

Why become a CA?

• CA's represent the fest outside IIT Bhubaneswar, and hence is an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills.
• It provides a great platform for students looking to improve their managerial and communication skill set.
• It helps you build connectivity with people from diverse fields across the country.
• It is a rare chance of exposure to thousands of young minds and eminent personalities.
• CA's get special access to a few selected events of the fest.

What should a CA do?

• Promote the events, workshops and competitions by sharing those details on Facebook timeline and college facebook and mail groups.
• Promoting events and workshops of WISSENAIRE in your respective colleges (offline).
• To strive to bring maximum participation from your respective colleges.
• To act as a medium for effective communication between the Wissenaire team and your college.

What benefits does a CA get?

CA's of Wissenaire’21 get the chance to work with the team of Wissenaire’21, and to witness the work yield amazing results.
Based on the following factors, CA's are awarded points:
 • 30 points- For each participant registered by the CA
 • 15 points- The number of CA's registered through them (by using their referal ID)
 • 10 points- Online promotion activities i.e., sharing Wissenaire Facebook posts.
 • 50 points- Sharing innovative ideas for further promotion.
 • 50 points- Adding to Wissenaire's connectivity by sharing useful contacts.

They will be further ranked according to the points gained and classified into three categories as follows:
• Rank 1-10: Diamond CA’s
• Rank 11-40: Gold CA’s
• Rank 41-100: Silver CA’s

The Prizes or benefits for different classes of CA’s are as follows:
• Top 3 CA's : Prizes worth 5k + 50% off on summer training by Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar.
• Diamond CA’s: Free Registration for any 4 events + Photos of CA will be displayed in the website and social media + Certificate (Diamond) from Wissenaire.
• Gold CA’s: Free Registration for any 2 events + One’s name will be mentioned in the website and social media + Certificate (Gold) from Wissenaire.
• Silver CA’s: T shirt + Certificate (Silver) from Wissenaire.

Who can become CA?

Students enrolled in any college and in any year can apply. All you need is the will to build your personality and skills, and hence contribute to making Wissenaire better by the year. Hurry up, and register right away!